Pescadores Loho English Summer Camp

An introduction to marine debris (Love the earth)
an introduction to Penghu local products
  • Learning outcomes

 An introduction to Penghu, An introduction to local products in Penghu, and sea creatures under the sea。

  1. 80% students can read materials aloud in English, especially for in-house materials: An Introduction to Penghu, an introduction to local products in Penghu, and sea creatures under the sea.
  2. 60% students can speak English with an English lecturer, which is their learning outcome.
  3. 70% students can read pictures or words from videos in classroom learning activities.
  4. Teaching English songs can encourage 90% students at Wen-Guan Primary Schools to learn songs through English medium. This makes the principal proud a lot.  Thus, Wen-Guan Primary School got the second prize of English Singing Competition in Penghu.


  • Highlights

 Wen-Guan Primary School has been focused on marine resources.  Due to long-term cooperation with Wen-Guan Primary School, the number of students at Wen-Guan Primary School is 20 each grade.  Therefore, sea creatures, environmental protection issues, an introduction to scenic spots in Penghu and local products as the contents of Children English Course.  English songs and plays can go with the materials design (Basic Level) made by a course designer. 

Defend the earth and teach English songs
Read pictures and speak English
Introduce Penghu in English
最後異動時間:2023-10-26 下午 05:22:06
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