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     The 2019 Higher Education Sprout Project of the National Penghu University of Science and Technology (NPU) was based on the principle of “taking from the society and giving back to the society”, and used the existing campus resources to make a beneficial contribution to the development of Penghu. The adopted strategies were to promote: "social welfare and philanthropy ", "industrial innovation and economy prosperity", "green energy and environmental protection and sustainability," and "talent cultivation and the extension of continuous Education" The main goal was to make the NPU become a university with practical teaching as the mainstay and industrial research as the supplement."    


     For social welfare and local caring, the two major tasks were: (1) increasing English ability of students from Penghu outlying islands and rural areas and (2) providing community training and caring services. To reach the first task, teachers from Department of Applied Foreign Languages (AFL) organized a summer camp for children from the remote area and outlying islands and helped Wen Kuang Elementary School create marine-theme based textbooks circling on Marine life, environmental issues, Penghu scenic attractions, and local specialties, supplemented by sing along activities. It turned out that the singing team from the Wen Kuang Elementary School became the 2nd place winner of the Penghu County Primary and Secondary School Singing Competition. As for the community training and caring services, the NPU invited experts to strengthen students’ digital marketing skills, and assisted in training local stores or residents in creative and practical skills for marketing and performance enhancement. The school also acted as a counseling team to assist outsiders in solving marketing issues.


     In terms of industrial innovation and economical booming, the goals were: the restoration of coral reef to develop eco-tourism and the deepened cultivation of Penghu industry to create new opportunities for Taiwan's agriculture. For coral reef restoration, some practices were: promoting eco-tourism in Shanshui Port and Suogang Hangwan, applying underwater observation and the like to provide future eco-tourism assessment and teaching the locals the importance of coral reef restoration. Methods to help local industries included: combining sea cage net farming, abalone breeding, and oyster farming as important industrial projects extended by Penghu marine aquaculture, and providing artificial propagated sea urchins, and assisting in the establishment of new species quarantine and epidemic prevention process.   


     Speaking of the green energy and environmental protection and sustainability, the major tasks were the development of dynamic power saving optimal business model and the combination of marine resource conservation and community care. The power-saving mode of the pumping motor power system of the aquaculture pond was applied to assist the electromechanical system of aquaculture and fishery companies to reduce the bullwhip effect in logistics. Additionally, the corporate users were advised to install energy management systems and active magnetic wave energy-saving and power-saving equipment to reduce the electricity cost of the least.


     To combine marine resource conservation and community care, some practices were: actually participating in recreational fishery activities to master its development process in order to understand its development model. By means to connect the tourism resources in Husi Township and other areas with beaches to enrich the breadth and depth of tourism in Husi Township and taught tourists the concept of responsible tourism in marine ecology as well, aiming at local development enhancement.


     For talent cultivation, and the promotion of continuing education, the strategies were "strategic alliance and practice upgrade”, and "landscape tourism student seed talent cultivation". Strategic alliances and practical upgrades mainly included offering micro-credit courses, handling visits to Penghu and Taiwan catering companies, and providing professional development training courses for teachers and students of the related majors from the NPU, National Penghu Marine and Fishery Vocational High School and National Magong High School. The results were: the enhancement of Penghu hospitality education, the deepened cooperation among the departments of Hospitality and Management in Penghu, more corporation visits and training, the improvement of industry awareness, and the increase of employment willingness.


     To cultivate seed talents, Penghu local tourism experts were invited to train the seed talents of landscape tourism students, learning about the formation and appearance of world-class landscapes, in order to enrich the participants' professional knowledge and apply what they have learned into practice to be a qualified guide commentator.

 All the above-mention strategies were interlinked to reach the most effect.   

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