Enhancing Higher Education Publicity

improving the schooling mechanism for disadvantaged students - activity Seminar
improving the schooling mechanism for disadvantaged students

      In terms of “implementing the publicity of regional higher education” proposed by our university, five strategies were put forward, including: 1. Continuously promoting the professional management of school affairs; 2. Improving the schooling mechanism for disadvantaged students; 3. Improving the teacher manpower structure; 4. Developing a high-quality lifelong education environment; 5. Promoting the think tank of characteristic professional knowledge. In order to promote the publicity of higher education in terms of system, teachers and students, the following aspects should be continuously promoted: the professional management of school affairs research should continuously analyze and plan the enrollment strategy for students. Enhancing the implementation of various projects of schooling mechanism for disadvantaged students improves the enrollment and in school ratio of disadvantaged students in order to effectively promote social flow. Promoting multiple promotion systems optimizes the ratio of students to teachers, implementing diversified lifelong learning environment strengthens learning rights and interests, and integrating innovative marine industries and space creates new connections. In the five strategies, the school affairs information to understand the situation of students and strengthen the guidance improve learning effectiveness. Via improving the mechanism for disadvantaged students, the counseling mechanism has grown in number and has significant excellent performance. The teacher structure of our school has 2 new contract-based teachers in the 107 academic year, 3 new contract-based teachers in the 108 academic year and 1 tenure-track teacher submitted for examination. Creating a cool elder college, a lifelong high-quality environment for free learning is complemented by a long-term care program, obtaining the ASA certificate through training, which creates a new space of featured specialty, crossing domains and promoting social practice.


Continuing to promote the professional management of school affairs

According to the data of the school administration system of our university, we can analyze the recruitment of senior high school students from four kinds of channels: freshmen selection, joint registration and distribution, gifted students and application for admission. According to the analysis, there are many and scattered schools of joint registration distribution, while Ling Tung High School, Tainan Senior Marine Fishery Vocational School, Yuanlin Vocational High School, Kaohsiung Vocational High School of Commerce, and Taoyuan Agricultural & Industrial Senior High School are the top five sources of recruitment. Compared with the previous two years, the top five senior high schools in 2018 were Ling Tong High School, Shin Shing High School, Yuda High School, Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry, and Pei-men Senior Agricultural and Industrial Vocational School. In 2017, the top three senior high schools were Shin Shing High School, Kuan-Hsi High School and Zhongli High School, while the others were Taichung Senior Agriculture Vocational High School, Long Tan High School, Taoyuan Agricultural & Industrial Senior High School and Lioho High School). It can be seen from the three-year source of students that the source of senior high school students is relatively scattered, and there is no fixed and stable source of senior high school from the data. Therefore, in terms of enrollment strategy, it is suggested that egg yolk, protein and eggshell areas (concepts) should be used for planning, and different enrollment strategies should be formulated according to different districts. On the one hand, with the mastery of schools in egg yolk District, there will be a fixed source of students every year, and on the other hand, resource allocation can be more efficient. By observing the freshmen from each college to each department, it can be found that each year the students belong to a large number of high schools and vocational schools, and only a few schools (such as Shin Shing High School, Ling Tong High School, etc.) have more students studying in our school. Therefore, in terms of enrollment strategies, we can not only consolidate the schools with a large number of new students, but also strengthen the introduction of the characteristics and learning resources of each department through class promotion or enrollment fair, so as to attract students from other schools with fewer sources to attend our school. In addition, during festivals, we can visit teachers and supervisors of schools in egg yolk district to find cooperation opportunities.


Improving the schooling mechanism of disadvantaged students

Recruiting economically or culturally disadvantaged students and enhancing their access to school through the following mechanisms:

1. School fair: The school specially assigned person went back to Taiwan to handle the school fair for each senior high school, and distributed relevant activities to subsidize the disadvantaged students. Through the fair, vulnerable students were recruited. Our school's special personnel and senior students went to promote our university to high schools and vocational schools in Taiwan for 23 times.

2. Enrollment promotion: Department chairs and teachers went to Penghu and Taiwan's high school campuses to introduce the departments of the school. In addition to the unique features of the school, such as aquaculture, sightseeing, ocean recreation, renewable energy, etc., through strengthening the publicity and promotion of activities for disadvantaged students, more disadvantaged students were attracted to study at our university, and the publicity materials were distributed to deepen the impression of the students. More than 30 sessions were performed.

3. Freshmen's forum and introductory seminar: We integrated the school's human and material resources, going back to Taiwan to handle three recruitment activities, namely, north, middle and south, to attract students and their parents to participate in the seminar, and to understand the learning guidance mechanism of the Department's disadvantaged students through the seminar.

4. Teaching and visiting activities: Students from high schools in Penghu island and outlying islands learned the characteristics of our unique departments through the activities, such as aquaculture, sightseeing, marine recreation, renewable energy, etc., so as to improve the proportion of disadvantaged students studying in the local area (our university). 

Providing the following mechanisms to help students improve their learning effectiveness, such as “YongLin Education Foundation Scholarships” or “Chang Tsung-Yuan Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students”:

1. Learning guidance project: The teaching resource center of our school has set up an appointment system for after-school tutoring. Students can make an appointment with the assistant primary school teachers in the system for homework guidance. In addition, in order to increase students' information ability and enhance their employability, the program plans to open a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification tutorial course.

2. Study guidance program subsidy method: In terms of course guidance, students receiving study grants must have attendance rate of more than 80% from the beginning of school to the mid-term examination week, attendance rate of course guidance or self-study from mid-term to final examination week is more than 80%, the number of subjects failing to pass the semester shall not exceed 3 subjects, and the time of course guidance or self-study shall be four hours per week You can continue to receive study grants in the next semester. In terms of information literacy guidance, students who attend more than 80% of the MOS certified tutorial courses and whose test scores meet the required standards will receive a Certificate Award. During the same semester, the first MOS license is 3000 NTD, the accumulated second MOS license is 5000 NTD, and the third MOS license is 5000 NTD.

3. External fund-raising: the university has formulated the key points for the management of the income and expenditure of donations received by the National Penghu University of science and technology. In addition, the university will formulate the regulations on the acceptance of grants of National Penghu University of science and technology and other relevant fund-raising measures, such as the setting of grants with the name designated by the donor and the qualifications and uses of the students designated by the donor Number and amount of payment. In recent years, the school has also been actively recruiting scholarships, such as the "young age Education Foundation Scholarship" donated by the Yongling education foundation or the "Zhang Zongyuan scholarship for disadvantaged students".


Improving the structure of teachers' manpower

The student-teacher ratio of our university still meets the standards of “Total Development Scale and Resource Conditions of Universities of the Ministry of Education.” However, in order to continuously promote and ensure the implementation effect of relevant plans at the whole university level, we assisted in the establishment of professional practice courses and interdisciplinary courses, promoted functional and micro credit courses, improved teaching quality, shortened the learning gap, and responded to the opening of the five-year junior college program at this university, we need to improve the quality of teaching and learning Teachers in multiple professional fields are required to ensure the performance of project implementation, management and examination and the improvement of teaching quality, to achieve the vision of medium and long-term school affairs development, and to implement the educational policy concept of optimizing the ratio of students to teachers, and improving and innovating teaching. 



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